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Chervò Pro Shop

The Chervò pro-shop stocks the best collections for your golfing and your free time needs. The Chervò clothing range is unique in its design, specifications, and the result of a passion lasting over 30 years. You will find it displayed in a modern, intuitive space that shows off the exclusive “chic-tech” style of the brand. Chervò is a prestigious brand of sportswear, designed for the golf-course and dedicated to leisure time. It is designed for customers who love to express their own individuality and lifestyle by wearing innovative and high-quality items of clothing and accessories. Chervò dedicates its collections to those who enjoy an active, chic life that aspires to excellence. Chervò accompanies its customers from moments of sheer relaxation to the commitment on the golf-course, always guaranteeing a most selected dress-code with high-performance technical garments for the sportsman or woman.

Tel. 030/918520

Dress and accessories by Chervò Golf San Vigilio at Chervò Pro Shop