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S. Martino

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S. Martino

white course
9 holes, par 36


Hole 1

Par 5
A starting shot on the left side of the fairway is valid for both high and low handicap players. The first will play the second shot to the left of the bunker positioned 70 m from the green for an easier approach to the flag; the second, if long, can aim directly for the green on two levels.

Length: Men's championship 490m
Men's 484m
Ladies championship 450m
Ladies 410m

Hole 2

Par 3
Two levels of green protected by a very large bunker to the right that makes a great sensitivity in the choice of iron necessary, especially with the high flag on the right. On the left, another bunker is unforgiving towards any excesses.

Men's championship 150m
Men's 142m
Ladies championship 120m
Ladies 110m

Hole 3

Par 3
It is a dog-leg to the left where the water obstacle that runs along the entire length of the hole on the left and the out of bounds area on the right require the utmost attention to be focused on the tee shot. No less daunting is the second shot that, in relation to the pin position on a long and well protected green, can also change by three more irons.

Men's championship 170m
Men's 162m
Ladies championship 130m
Ladies 120m

Hole 4

Par 3
Very insidious due to the presence of a large lake and a large bunker protecting the hole. The green, being positioned askew and full of slopes, complicates things. It may be preferable to make an approach shot on the right in order to play a safer approach.

Men's championship 170m
Men's 162m
Ladies championship 130m
Ladies 120m

Hole 5

Par 5
Slightly uphill for the tee shot, better if in the direction of the ruins dating back to the Second World War. The three bunkers within 100 m of the hole can very easily come into play. Uphill green on two levels, easy to tackle, but not to read. Length:
Men's championship 470m
Men's 465m
Ladies championship 400m
Ladies 390m

Hole 6

Par 3
This long and uphill the green is protected by a very large bunker and receives assessment errors on the choice of the iron and the misaligned players.

Men's championship 165m
Men's 155m
Ladies championship 125m
Ladies 115m

Hole 7

Par 4
Driver on the right bunker only if over 230 m of flight to attack the green protected by water. Sloping considerably towards the lake does not make this hole a simple one up to the last shot.

Men's championship 380m
Men's 374m
Ladies championship 330m
Ladies 320m

Hole 8

Par 4
The straight uphill tee shot does not guarantee the success of the second shot, to be played towards a very large green protected by a long bunker on the left. One or more two irons than usual is a wise decision.

Men's championship 370m
Men's 364m
Ladies championship 340m
Ladies 315m

Hole 9

Par 4
From the raised tee you cannot see the out of bounds area on the left of this dog-leg very well. It is better to place the first shot. The second is not prohibitive, but the choice of iron is essential in order to avoid three putts.

Men's championship 335m
Men's 330m
Ladies championship 310m
Ladies 275m
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